Welcome to the LucidGaming community!

Welcome to the LucidGaming community!

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Server Info

LucidGaming 2x - Monthly

  • 2x Gather & Crafting
  • Monthly Wipes
  • Solo/Duo/Trio
  • Leaderboards + Stat tracking
  • Optimized, lightly modded Rust experience!
LucidGaming 2x | Solo/Duo/Trio | Vanilla+ | Monthly Wipes ۞
#.. .../250

LucidSandbox - Creative

  • Unlimited resources & base protection
  • Item spawning via F1 menu
  • Noclip - /fly
  • Godmode - /god
  • Minicopter spawning - /copter
#.. .../100

LucidGaming 5x No BP's

  • 5x Gather, Loot, Smelting & Insta Craft
  • No TP / Pay To Win
  • Insta Recycling, 5-minute Bright Nights, No Fuel for Lights
  • More Minicopters, Clan Authorisation, Stack+
  • Wipe schedule: Sundays @ 11AM & Thursdays @ 3PM
LucidGaming 5x No BPs [Loot+|Clans|Insta]
#.. .../200

LucidGaming Leaderboards

View in-game statistics from the current wipe, all time or find player profiles.

Voting Rewards

Click Vote and login with Steam,
Type /vote to claim 2 vote points,
Type /reward and choose your reward!

Donations & VIP




Bypass Join Queue

Skip the queues & bypass the pop limit.

Premium SkinBox+

Choose from a real-time selection of the highest ranked skins in Rust.

In-game VIP Tag

Get the [VIP] or [VIP+] tag depending on which membershopp you choose.

Discord VIP Role + Lounge

Gain access to the #vip-lounge in Discord.

Enhanced Hammer

Instantly upgrade your base with a hammer, without having to right-click everytime.

Vanilla Remove Tool

Remove walls and items for up to 5 minutes after placing them. Just press E while holding a hammer to pick them up! Items return to your inventory.

Sign Artist

Upload real internet images onto signs.

Animated Signs + Clothes

Create & use animated neon signs & clothes.

Auto Doors

Make doors automatically close behind you.

Quick Sort

Sort loot easily with a UI menu.


Place upgraded walls without a hammer.

Stat Track

Get UI kill stats on all your weapons.

Hit Icon

A crosshair appears when you get hits and a red skull UI icon appears when your hit kills a player.

Click below to see the full list of VIP and VIP+ features and instructions and videos on how to use each one.


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If you think we do a good job you can donate higher custom amounts below. Open a ticket in Discord afterwards to receive the Supporter tag in-game!


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